The Architecture & Design Association

Earlier this semester, I blogged about applying to create a new RSO (Recognized Student Organization) at Holy Cross. Well, just recently my newly proposed RSO was approved to become officially recognized!

The Architecture & Design Association will begin holding meetings this upcoming spring semester. We will host guest lectures, portfolio workshops, and information sessions about career and educational opportunities relating to the design field. There’s a growing number of Architectural Studies and Urban Studies majors/minors on campus so it’s perfect timing to start developing a design community on campus.

Studio Concentration Trip

I recently went on a trip to Yale University with my Studio Concentration class this past Saturday. We visited the Yale University Art Gallery and Yale Center for British Art. It was a great opportunity to see amazing pieces of art; including work from Picasso, Van Gogh, and Thomas Cole. The trip was certainly one of my favorite experiences of the semester so far.

Applying to Create a New Recognized Student Organization

There are tons of clubs and student organizations to join here at Holy Cross! You can also apply to start a new one if you have a special interest in a particular sport or topic. I recently submitted an application to start a new RSO, or club/student organization, that focuses on architecture and design. The application is facilitated by the Student Government Association through a campus-wide app called myHC, which provides students the opportunity to easily apply for the recognization of their new student organization. After submitting the online application, the newly proposed RSO has to be presented to an SGA Committee and voted on for approval. Hopefully, the Architecture & Design Association gets approved!

Back On Campus

Time has seemingly flown by! It seems like yesterday I was moving into Hanselman Hall for my first year. Nonetheless, senior year has gotten off to a great start. This past weekend was Homecoming, and there were many fun events on campus. There were food trucks, yard games on the Hoval, a tailgate, and the football game against Yale. The highlight of my Homecoming weekend on campus was running into classmates and alumni during all of the festivities.

HCRFC vs. Yale

I recently played in a rugby game against Yale that HCRFC hosted. We unfortunately lost 19-47, but it was a great experience to have a home game under the lights on Father K field with the stands packed.

Summer Internships and Research

As spring begins, many students are looking towards what they may be doing this summer. This could mean an internship, research position, or many other opportunities. Holy Cross helps connect students with alumni and potential internship opportunities through the HC Network and Handshake. These platforms provide contact information and job postings, of which HC students can access for career-specific situations. As for research, Holy Cross offers the opportunity for students to participate in real research with professors through the Weiss Summer Research Program. This is available for students in both STEM and Humanities major tracks. Most research positions in STEM are lab based. Summer research in the humanities is self-directed, with the assistance from an advising professor. More specifics can be found on the College of the Holy Cross website.


The spring semester started off with a bang, or a flurry if you will, as campus was hit with a massive Nor’easter this past weekend. This provided everyone on campus with some extra winter fun, such as sledding down the hill at Freshmen Field and making snowmen in the Kimball Quad. I took part in it by completing a project for my 3D Fundamentals Studio course. We had to use only natural elements such as snow and fallen branches to make a simple sculpture. I decided to make a chair out of a snowbank. Winter is always a wonderful season on campus!

Rugby Playoffs

It’s been a great season of rugby so far! Both the Holy Cross A-side and B-side teams have had extremely successful records. The A-side team has advanced through two playoff games and is heading into the Northeast Regional playoff this weekend. If Holy Cross wins both games this weekend, they will have a chance to advance to the championship finals in Houston, Texas. Go HCRFC!

Fall in Full Swing

It feels great to finally be back on the Hill in the fall for the first time since freshman year. Walking around campus and seeing the whole community back in person has been extremely refreshing. Holy Cross recently hosted The Kid LAROI for our Fall Concert. The performance was great and provided a fun way to settle into the fall semester. Early in September I joined the club rugby team, which has become a nice outlet during the busy school week. We’ve traveled to Dartmouth, Harvard, and other New England schools for matches so far. I highly recommend exploring, and getting involved in, the vast amount of extracurricular groups and clubs Holy Cross has to offer. It’s a good way to meet new friends and get involved on campus. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the fall semester has to offer!

Spring on Campus

Due to the start of the COVID pandemic last spring, I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the spring season on the hill. It has been a great time watching all the foliage begin to bud across campus. Here’s a picture of a blooming tree in front of Lehy Hall.