After a relaxing summer, all that stood between me and started my first year at Holy Cross was 891.2 miles of roads. The 14 hour road trip was advantageous as I was able to brush up on our required summer reading, “The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells, along with spending some quality time with my family before college.

The trip went smoothly and we arrived in Worcester the night before move-in. Waking up the next morning was a little bit of a blur. I had so much excitement for finally arriving on campus and getting settled in that I was unable to sleep for much of the night. Nonetheless, I couldn’t wait for the day ahead.

Pulling through Linden Lane Gate we were greeted by alumni and students who were cheering us on to the dorms. Finally we found Hanselman Hall, my dorm, and we were greeted again by enthusiastic students who grabbed my luggage from the car and took it to my room.

After getting lost and taking a few wrong turns in the dorm, I finally made to my room. I spent an hour or two setting up my room, along with meeting my roommate, and then went to my first lunch at Kimball Dining Hall. All that was left was to start orientation.

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