Classes in “Fall” Swing

As mentioned in my last post, move-in went very smoothly and so did the orientation program. Orientation consisted of many presentations about the campus, what to expect, do’s and don’ts, etc. It also included plenty of walking up and down Mt. St. James, which definitely helps you acclimate to the steep campus.  Beyond the presentations and walking, there were a bunch of fun events planned each day such as food trucks and a campus wide party called “The Edge”. Overall it was a great five days and I met many of my friends during orientation.

The first week of classes came with a lot of excitement, but at the same time it could be daunting at points. When one of your professors hands out the syllabus which shows you’ll be having a test over “Atomic Spectroscopy”, it isn’t always the most comforting feeling. But as I found out through the first week or to, if you go to office hours and any other helpful resources then you’ll be just fine. Every single one of my professors has been incredibly welcoming and truly passionate about what they are teaching.

Beyond classes, the first couple weeks are very odd because everyone is still trying to make friends and figure out a routine. This is completely normal and everyone goes through it. Personally, I started with an entirely different friend group than I have now, but I still keep in touch with them too. Holy Cross is a very tight knit community so as you get to know more people you’ll essentially start seeing your friends everywhere. It one of my favorite aspects of the campus community because sometimes a smile from a familiar face can really impact your day for the better.

That’s essentially the run down for the first couple of weeks. It’s currently midterms and that can get a little crazy, which I’ll talk about soon also, but I hope to be posting more frequently in the near future. Check back soon for a routine day in the life of a Holy Cross student, midterms, and some fun experiences I’ve had since getting on campus!

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