Midterm Madness

I’m back!

And I’m glad to announce that I’ve officially survived my first midterms at College of the Holy Cross. A culmination of tests, quizzes, and papers all made for a very exciting and tiresome couple of weeks. It feels good to be done with them but it was certainly a daunting task, so here are a few tips for those of you out there with finals or midterms of your own coming up.

Personally, I found that understanding the balance between studying efficiently and just studying to ease stress is critical. There were times where I found myself studying for long periods of time only to realize I wasn’t absorbing as much information as I expected. This is a great time to just take a step back and go for a walk around the library, or Cool Beans for an iced chai latte (highly recommend).

Also making sure you have a good routine set in place is important. Whether its taking a nap midday, going for a run, or just hanging out with friends at a certain time, find time to decompress and put things in perspective. Winging it is generally a bad idea and can be unhealthy. Plenty of sleep and healthy habits are key to optimal studying.

I felt as though all my professors prepared me thoroughly for their midterm tests or papers. What is expected of you to know and understand is clearly outlined in lecture, and can especially be clarified by attending office hours. These tests and papers are not easy, but successful results are easily achieved by using all the resources available. Study sessions in the natural sciences called PALs, help with papers at The Writers Workshop, and of course the simple action of just asking questions in class or at office hours.

Anyways, I’m off to enjoy the first snow day of the year here on campus. Those Nor’easters are wicked!

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