Zooming Into The Semester

It’s been an electric start to the semester. We’ve had two major snowstorms and the announcement of our new President, Vincent D. Rougeau. Eventful to say the least.

COVID wise, our community has done a great job with protocols, and we just went down to yellow status this past week; pretty much the best status we can be at until the pandemic is over. Even with move-in and all the logistics of settling into campus, the levels have stayed very low.

It has been great to be back. I’ve been able to see all my friends in social distanced groups outside and gotten to know my roommate even better than I already did. I think everyone can attest to that, hopefully in a positive way.

I have two hybrid classes, so I’m looking forward to finally being able to go into an in-person class for the first time since last spring.

Despite the abnormal circumstances we find ourselves in on campus, there is a sense of normalcy that seems to be hinting towards an end of these unprecedented times.